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My mom is the most awesome mom ever. You might be under the impression that your mom is the most awesome mom, but unfortunately, you are mistaken. Your mom would basically have to perform life-saving surgery on African orphans while skydiving out of a plane to be more awesome than my mom. My mom runs her own business and is super creative and somehow managed to avoid the temptation to leave me on the side of the road somewhere back when I was a rotten teenager (I’m still rotten, just no longer a teenager. True Story: When I first saw her this morning I said, “Good Morning! Mother’s Day is over; no more respect for you! Like Rodney Dangerfield!” (because I make very current references).)

The point of the preceding paragraph being that I take Mother’s Day very seriously. Here are all the things that I made.

First up is the card.


Computer-made because the handmade attempt didn’t pan out. The font is Honey Script. The background is a free pattern that, unfortunately, I can’t remember where I got. I went on a crazy pattern downloading binge recently and forgot to keep track. If anybody knows who made it, please let me know!

And the inside.


Next up are the muffins I made for Mother’s Day breakfast.


Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I make seriously delicious muffins. I’ve been doing it since I was about five or six (with adult supervision, I’d like to point out, lest you think my parents are the sort of people who would let a kindergartner use the oven by themselves), so I’ve pretty much got it down to a science now. I think I’m going to make an entire post all about muffin baking soon. They’re just too tasty to keep to myself! (lol)


My general muffin making M.O. is to make “Whatever-I-Can-Find-In-The-Cabinets” Muffins, so these are Honey Muffins. I’ve never put it in muffins before, but it worked great! They didn’t taste much like honey, but it made them super moist and spongy and cake-like. I might start adding it to all my muffins now. These were a really big hit. My step dad actually pouted a little when we sent the leftovers home with my brother, so I guess I’ll have to make more. 😀

And since we were having family over for a nice Mother’s Day Dinner, I made a Red Velvet Cake for dessert.


This is the first time I ever made red velvet cake from scratch, and I gotta say, I now have crazy respect for the Southern ladies who make this all the time. Apparently, the reason the South will rise again is stone-cold patience.

It turned out pretty good; a little bit dry, but I think that’s my fault rather than the recipes’. It said to bake for about 30 minutes so I stuck it in there and didn’t check it again until the timer dinged. I should have kept a better eye on it. Will definitely start out with a shorter time next time I make it.

I’ll post the recipe for the cake soon, I just want to try and perfect it first. 🙂

And just because it’s cool – the packaging for the cake flour:


Isn’t it fantastic? It looks like they haven’t changed their logo since about 1963. I love that! This brand now has my loyalty for life. My mom and I are both hardcore dorks about graphic design, so we were both nerding out over it.

My mom really loved everything, and I think she had a really good Mother’s Day. And so did I, even though I stayed up late the night before to make the cake and got up early to bake the muffins because I am a crazy baking fiend. Whatever, I love baking and a little fatigue is small price to pay to do something nice for the woman who gave birth to you.

So make sure you go and hug your mama kids because I bet she’s pretty neat. Not as neat as my mom of course, but that goes without saying at this point.


Love you Mom.