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Sometimes, despite our best efforts our crafts just don’t work out. This was one of those times.

While I was stenciling robots and sunglasses with freezer paper and fabric paint, I decided I was also going to try out bleach stenciling. The plan was to cut a heart out of freezer paper, iron it on, and then spray bleach around it so the heart would be in the negative.

Here is an artist’s rendering of what was supposed to happen:


And here is what actually happened:


As you can probably tell, I used the wrong kind of spray bottle. Not only did it get completely out of control, it also bled under the freezer paper. The lesson here kids is that when bleach stenciling you should use the spray bottles you find next to the travel-sized shampoo, not the ones next to the household cleaners.

Don’t you worry about me though. I have a plan for this thing.