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WARNING: Terrible Pictures – it was raining outside, so the artificial light I had to use and the camera flash made everything look gross.

My baby brother turned 21 last week which is slightly horrifying.*

(*) I don’t know why, but nothing makes me go “Holy crap, time is flying by!” like my brother having a birthday. It doesn’t feel like twenty-one years have passed since he was just this tiny person that came home from the hospital one day and stole all my thunder (I console myself with the fact that, at the time, I was WAY CUTER THAN HIM).


ANYWAY, despite all this I love him to pieces, so I always try to give him an awesome birthday present. This is pretty simple, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I think my stenciling is getting better.


He’s kind of stoic, so it’s hard to tell, but I think he was touched that I made him something.

Detail Shot:

Sorry for the lack of action shot. He fell asleep pretty much immediately after present opening because he’d been moving his girlfriend into their new apartment the day before and was exhausted.

Stencil: Stencilry


These are the very first shirts I’ve ever stenciled. It was, um, a learning experience.


The sunglasses shirt actually turned out the best, which surprised me because it was my practice stencil. I picked it out just because I knew it would be easy to cut, to sort of ease myself into stencil making. Apparently there’s some truth to the saying “Keep It Simple Stupid”.


As you can see, it’s cracking a little bit, but I don’t really mind.


Poor robot. His heart is black because it’s cold and metallic and cannot feel love. Also he is slightly off-center which is going to bug the crap out of me.

And he looks wonky when I wear it because, well…boobs.


This one turned out okay, but I really should have done it on a shirt that wasn’t so dark (and, y’know, made sure it was centered (seriously, it’s going to make me crazy, oh my god)).

Stencils: Stencilry
Materials: $4 Wal-Mart tees, freezer paper, and good ol’ cheap-ola Tulip fabric paint.